Ashley Miers SAG AFTRA

Commercial Credits:
South Coast Toyota
Chuck E Cheese: Billy's Birthday
Sky Rocket Toys
Shark Rocket Vacuums
76: We're on the Driver's Side
Smart Car: Public Transport
RJ Young: Impractical Magic
Summit General: Ice Man Dude
CLEAR Airport Security
Kite Shield Mosquito Repellant

Hosting Credits:
Quizno's Employee Training DVD
American Tin Ceilings
Electric Fireplaces Direct
MyoBrace (Time Warner Cable)
McNally Lighting (Time Warner Cable)

Film/TV Credits:
My Crazy Ex (Lifetime/A&E) - Lead

Mary Poser (Independent Film) - Lead

Phase 6 (Independent Film) - Supporting


About Ashley
When I was in college, I could have been a Theatre major. I could have been, but I wasn’t interested in that. And anyway, I’ve always been someone who likes to learn by being on the ground running, to learn by doing. Instead, I studied Psychology. Cognitive Neuroscience, actually. And Philosophy, Biology and Communication. I wanted to understand what makes people tick, how the mind works, how communication influences perception and understanding. How to affect and be affected.

And that’s what I bring to my acting. I get a thrill out of combining gestures, intonation, expressions and sentiment to effectively communicate through my characters. I get a thrill out of putting in the work to arrive on set prepared and knock it out of the park with (almost - hey, I’m human) every take. 9/10. I have a 1 booking out of every 10 auditions ratio going (I track my statistics) and I am grateful for every opportunity I get to be out there doing what I love and working with other creative, motivated people.

I’ve had a fun and rewarding career so far, shooting many commercials, attending the Sundance and Cannes film festivals and AFM, and learning about all aspects of the business. Today I am a true professional with experience under my belt - AND I’m always open to continuing to learn, adapt, grow, evolve and improve.

If you’re curious - I’m originally from Nebraska, and I went to college in Denver. I currently live in Los Angeles and I’ve worked in Nashville and Sacramento as well. I have an incredible, supportive husband, a magical baby boy, 2 cats, a fish, and a balcony garden. And I love to cook.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together here!